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My name is Shu .I live in India, I have choosed a programmer ( MIke Broemmel )from getafreelancer.com for some writing work ( press release writing ) .Mike Broemmel is the President & CEO of Pinnacle Worldwide Media Services. Pinnacle Worldwide has a staff of professionals who provide a full range of marketing, media relations, public relations and advertising services. He committed to send me the work in 24 hours ( i have proof ) in $30 .And the money was in escrow account from first day .

I given him the task of press release with in 1-2 days for two press release but he completed the one in 9 days, obviously any webmaster will not like to work with any such guy who doesn't value the cost of time.

We declined to work with Mike and suggested him to take the money for the one of the press release he made and cancel my escrow for two press releases but the situation become more worse when he started demanding for both the press releases .He threatned me that He is working with U.S. President office and can do anything against me .

In any case, he could not snatch the money if the webmaster doesn't want to work. This guy then started threating to spoil our name for small money.

He allegates in front of my client and sending the mails to client that i am involved in child pronography which is totally wrong and he have no right to say like this in front of my clients .All his allegations about child *** is baseless. We are trusted service provider and we don't have time for any such issues.

Then he threaten me to write email to you to destruct my clients mind. Its my worst experience in this service industry to face such a unprofessional person.

I faced financial loss of $800 as client cancelled the project and spotted a black dot on my image .

In this case i need help of yours .I can spend money, but i want loss to be recovered from Mike Broemmel.

Please let me know what you can do for me and whats your way to proceed .I have lots of eveidence against him .

Waiting for your feedback

Warm regards


Look at here

Receiver Amount Project Reason Actions MikeBroemmel $30 press releases Full payment for completed project Finish payment

Thats his profile


And this is the project id


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Moto851/Shu was banned from our site for theft and fraud.He not only stole from our clients but posted false statements at our site about providers as he has done here.

Every word posted by Moto851/Shu at this site is false. You can contact the administrators of getafreelancer.com to confirm the criminal conduct of Moto851. Perhaps worst of all - and one of the reasons he was banned from our site - he holds himself out as being a "talented English writer." As you can clearly see from his posts, he is illiterate and incompetent.

Part of the reason he was banned from our site is that we simply do not permit people to defraud others in this manner.And, of course, Moto851 has had sites closed down because of child *** issues.

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